What you can do now to improve your cyanide testing process?

Jun 18, 2020 / by CyanoGuard posted in quick fixes, endpoint indicator, sampling regime, silver nitrate titration, cyanide monitoring process, checklist, reference solutions


Cyanide is one of the most common commercially used and efficient reagents to leach gold. However, many mine operators still struggle to efficiently manage their cyanide concentrations due to limitations of traditional measurements methods such as manual titration. Challenges in measurements range from user bias, unknown interference in the samples, to errors in calibration and extensive maintenance of equipment. To help mine operators understand where they stand with regards to their current cyanide monitoring process, here is a checklist we have developed based on our experience working with mine operators.

The framework focuses on neuralgic points in the cyanide monitoring process where users can understand whether they might require strategic overhaul or if process can be fixed with immediate measures. Going through this list not only helps to highlight causes for elevated variability in measurements but also allows mine operators to understand where they need to take action and close the gaps with respect to cyanide consumption, gold recovery rates and turnaround time for corrective actions. When all items along the checklist can be answered with “YES”, you are right on track with your cyanide monitoring process.

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