When less (cyanide) is more: Challenges in cyanidation of gold

Jun 4, 2020 / by CyanoGuard posted in rising cyanide cost, responsible mining, improve gold recovery, cyanidation of gold, detoxification reagent cost



In the last 30 years, cyanidation of gold has been increasingly more difficult as a result of various key drivers such as declining ore grade, increasing complexity of treatment processes, rising pressure from investors and general public on reducing environmental impact of mining and rising cyanide cost. The common dilemma of most mine operators is to apply excess amounts of cyanide to ensure that all gold is properly dissolved. Yet on the other hand, this also means more cyanide cost, detoxification reagent cost, water consumption and environmental impact. In the late 1980s, efforts to introduce an online cyanide analyser were made but progress has been slow. Not only do most cyanide monitoring technologies today require extensive expertise to operate, they are often not real-time, and results can be highly unreliable.

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